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In the vast expanse of space, humanity has begun to turn space into a garbage dump as thousands of satellites and spacecraft it has sent out are no longer functional. Thousands of inactive satellites and their fragments, telescopes, and other spacecraft now orbit the Earth uncontrollably, posing a growing threat to the satellites and instruments we use for communications, navigation, and scientific exploration. Welcome to a bright step into the future with our Space Debris Cleanup and Restoration Project, dedicated to cleaning up this celestial orbit to ensure the safety and sustainability of our activities in space.

As pioneers in space debris cleanup, we aim to make it possible for inactive satellites in space to be refurbished and re-launched into orbit, and to establish a space recycling and refurbishment center.

With the innovative solutions and designs we have developed, we strive to turn space debris into a valuable resource. Carina Space Debris Recycling Center Within the framework of the Carina Project, we aim to complete R&D efforts and partnerships to establish the Space Debris Recycling Center, which has a budget of billions of euros, enabling the cleaning of space debris and the activation of inactive satellites to be sent back into orbit.