Welcome to the Future of Space Exploration with Şira International Space Research Inc. At Şira International Space Research Inc., we are at the forefront of pioneering a brighter and more sustainable future in interstellar space.

Fueled by a universal passion, we lead the way in space science and technology, organizing space conferences, seminars, educational programs, and certification courses. Our aim is to bring together the brightest minds in the field and to spearhead major projects, including the Space Debris Recycling Center.


Our mission is to push the boundaries of human knowledge and open new horizons beyond space exploration. By promoting collaboration, innovation and education through our events and programs, we create space cooperation to equip and bring together those who work in the field of space science and technology to face innovations and opportunities in the competitive environment and to realize major projects together.


One of our most ambitious projects for the future is the establishment of the Space Debris Recycling and Renewal Center, which aims to make it possible to place renewed satellites and spacecraft back into orbit.

It is widely known that space debris poses a significant threat to current and future space missions. Our goal at Şira Space is to clean up the extensive space junk that pollutes Earth’s orbit and poses a major threat to the operation of active satellites and the conduct of space activities.

Our project to revive inactive satellites and place them back into orbit, which we have developed as a pioneering project in the space sector, is a groundbreaking initiative. At SiraSpace, we are open to collaborations and partnerships in various fields within the space industry to make the recycling of space debris and the establishment of the space recycling center possible. By revitalizing inactive satellites and making them reusable, we aim to send them back into orbit through the Space Debris Recycling Center.

This revolutionary initiative reflects our commitment to the sustainable use of space and the goal of ensuring that future generations can continue to explore and benefit from the universe. With the expertise and dedication of local and global partners, we aim to create a cleaner and safer space environment.

To fund the substantial financial investment budget required for this journey, we have developed the ŞiraSpaceCoin NFT project, which represents our first space currency design. This project will open up new horizons for us as an inclusive and innovative financial space project that allows everyone to participate.

Let’s join this incredible journey where there are no limits to knowledge and possibilities. Together, we can shape the future of space exploration and make the universe accessible to everyone. Follow us for updates on our upcoming events, research activities, and the steps we are taking towards the Space Debris Recycling Center. Together, we will reach for the stars and beyond.